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Riot Squad

Triple Mint - QBar

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Spearmint, peppermint & menthol.

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  • Carbon Negative

    The new QBAR by Riot is the world’s first carbon negative disposable e-cigarette that is fully recyclable, made from bioplastics (75% less carbon-intensive and no fossil fuels) with all parts of the device recycled separately including battery, casing and mouthpiece.

    The Riot Recycle Scheme is the first UK Disposable Vape recycling scheme. The scheme brings together Riot with major retailers, waste management companies and recyclers with the shared aim of growing the infrastructure needed to increase the number of disposable e-cigarettes being recycled in the UK.

    There are more than 15 million disposable e-cigarettes purchased in the UK each month, none of which are designed for recycling, even if they end up in recycling bins or WEEE recycling, they are not designed for recycling as they contain hazardous materials, lithium ion batteries and fossil fuel plastics. As a result, these all end up in landfil.

    Return your used QBar to any stockist for recycling.